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    I was lucky enough to meet Danielle for the first time at our one on one mentoring session. I was excited to say the least and let me tell you, Danielle did not disappoint! From the moment I met her I felt any anxiety I had slip away, I was nervous as I am a beginner in newborn photography and thought that Danielle’s teaching methods may be beyond me. Danielle was warm, friendly and I quickly felt at ease in her presence.

Danielle listened to my needs, my wants and my dreams and structured the day to help me out in the areas that I wanted assistance with the most at a pace that I was comfortable with. All of this was done through Danielle’s intuition after talking to me and understanding where I was in my journey.

I can honestly say I walked away from our session feeling completely inspired and more confident. Danielle is a wealth of knowledge which she has gained through passion and commitment to the work that she does. I can’t thank Danielle enough for allowing me into her world and for making me feel so welcome and deserving. I simply can’t recommend her highly enough.

I will, without a doubt be returning time and time again to soak up anything that Danielle has to offer me because I think she is just amazing not only at what she does but also in the person that she is.

Thank you so much Danielle for your continued support, guidance and friendship. You will never truly understand what it means to me to have someone like you believe in me. xx

Keegan Scannell


danielle nigidodanielle nigido

danielle nigido  danielle nigidodanielle nigido


Our gorgeous baby model for the day. Josip 19 days new.

You will find most of the props used in these images @mollycoddle photo props.

I did a 1:1 Mentoring Session with Danielle yesterday, I chose to do one with Danielle because I really admire her, she is so talented and I lover her work. The session was everything and more that I hoped it would be, I have done many courses/workshops and Danielle’s was by far my favorite. Danielle is not only an awesome Photographer she is a beautiful person and made me feel so welcome. Thanks Danielle for a great day yesterday.

Melina Feiss

daniell nigido danielle nigido danielle nigido

Our beautiful baby model for the day. Isla May 27 days new.

You will find most of the props used in these images @mollycoddle photo props.


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