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Babies are the purest and most precious bundles of joy. Absolutely nothing compares to the moment when they first enter this world. Capturing their first 5 to 10 days on camera is priceless and is such a privilege to be able to do so. It’s such a joy to share this experience with parents who want to hold onto these precious moments forever.

I’m a Melbourne based photographer residing and working in Caroline Springs. I’m also a very proud mother of four beautiful children who I love and adore, two girls and two boys. I’ve always captured special moments in their lives, which is how my love and passion for photography came about. My focus over the last three years has been on capturing beautiful baby photos. I love the pureness of simple, clean photos and creating beautiful, customized and elaborate setups to create unique images that can be cherished forever. These moments of a baby’s first few days of life are irreplaceable. These are the moments you will treasure for years to come.

My ambition is to continue working in this area of passion; to embrace the love I have for children by capturing their innocence and purity through photography. All parents can appreciate the amazing gift babies are to us, and so let me help you to treasure your gorgeous gift of your newborn child forever. What a perfect way to capture your baby in its first few days of life!

Danielle Nigido from Danielle Nigido Photography

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